Nathalie Martínez, producer, animation director and founder of the Valencian studio Wise Blue Studios, has been elected the new President of Diboos. Producer of films such as the animated film “Animal Crackers” (Netflix, 2020) and director of series such as “Hero Dad”, distributed in more than 20 countries, or the most recent “MiBots Universe”, Martínez now becomes the first woman president of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Animation and Visual Effects Production Companies (Diboos) in its 17 years of history. Martínez replaces Nico Matji, who had been at the helm of Diboos since 2019.

Diboos, Spanish Federation of Animation Production Companies Associations, is made up of the main associations in the sector: AEPA (Spanish Association of Animation Producers) and Proanimats (Catalan Association of Animation Producers).

The objective of Diboos is to join forces in favor of the Spanish animation and visual effects production industry, and to interact with entities and institutions in its promotion and development both nationally and internationally. The animation sector in Spain has always defended animation in its double aspect: as a generator of culture and as an industry. From its first aspect, animation is the producer of its own imaginary that must be preserved, in addition to disseminating appropriate values for childhood and youth. Regarding its second aspect, the sector claims its character as an industry that generates qualified and stable employment, exports (70% of the turnover of these companies comes from abroad) and in a phase of constant growth thanks to its digital and innovative nature, with a strong R&D&i component.

The news of the appointment of Nathalie Martínez, as well as the composition of the new Diboos Board of Directors, has been announced in Animate BCN during the European Convention of Animation Production Companies.

The Board that will accompany Martínez in the next four years maintains the two current vice presidents: Gonzalo Carrion (AEPA/El Ranchito), which in turn holds the Presidency of AEPA; and Ivan Agenjo (Proanimats/Peekaboo), President of Proanimats. Nico Matji (AEPA/Lightbox) remains on the Board in the position of Secretary and joins Mikel Mas (Proanimats/Cornelius Films) as Treasurer. The votes will be distributed between Guillermo Velasco (AEPA/Big Bang Box), Jose Luis Farías (AEPA/Paramotion), Gaya Sea (ProAnimats/Brutal Media) and Carlos Biern (ProAnimats/DeAPlaneta).