On March 4, the first edition of Next Lab Finance & Tech, an event about financing, investments and the incorporation of new technological tools in the animation and video game industry.

Thanks to the support of the Government of Navarra and the public company NICDO, from June 27 to 29, 2022, Pamplona will host a conference that will focus on financing and investment in animation, video game and virtual reality projects with a high technological base. ; in technological projects that develop tools for the sector; and in experimental projects or with new business models for start-ups and consolidated animation, video game and virtual reality companies.

Through workshops, debate tables, conferences and case studies; This boutique event will bring together institutions (regional, state and European), investors, funds, animation companies, developers, VR companies, experts and national and international stakeholders in an event designed for a professional audience, with a very limited number of attendees that Enable quality networking.

Next Lab Finance & Tech seeks in this way to bring the world of animation and video game production closer to that of financing, proposing answers to the difficulties of the sector when it comes to financing projects through the incorporation of disruptive technologies and R+ processes. D+i.

During this spin off of Next lab, the benchmark workshop for the animation sector whose second edition has just concluded; The technology sector, the animation sector, the video game and VR sector, and the investment and project financing sector will have the opportunity to exhibit, listen to each other and get to know each other better in order to facilitate collaboration between all. Additionally, the institutions present at the event will be able to provide the means for the relationship to be consolidated and give rise, in the medium term, to Navarra and Spain positioning themselves as strategic poles in financing and technology linked to animation and video games. Several feature films and animated series are currently being produced in Navarra by the studios Apolo films, Arcadia, Dr. Platypus & Ms. Wombat, The ThinkLab and Demiranda studio.

«Next Lab Finance & Tech was born in Navarra with the aim of being a catalyst for the local, national and international animation and video game sector, with an eye toward the future. Strengthening our sectors from the point of view of financing, innovation and the incorporation of new technological tools on the one hand, and attracting new agents and investors to the sector, on the other, is the DNA from which this new initiative is based » adds Jose Luis Farias, director of the event. The development of this project arose after the celebration of the First Conference on video games and digital creation and the subsequent work sessions with the CLAVNA Animation and Video Game Table, in which the need to continue with these conferences - whose second edition was seen will take place in November - and to seek the attraction of a specific event on financing and technology.

With this press conference, which was attended by representatives of CLAVNA and the animation and video game companies of Navarra, and which included the intervention of Iñaki Apezteguia, General Director of Culture of the Government of Navarra; Agurtzane Martínez, General Director of Innovation of the Department of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation; and Paula Noya, Director of Infrastructure at NICDO, begins the journey of Next Lab Finance & Tech, an initiative designed by professionals for professionals that contributes to strengthening and making the animation and video game sector more competitive.

You can access the one page of the event in this link.