The Annecy International Animation Festival brings together animation professionals and the general public and brings together the elite of the international industry in the MIFA – Festival Market for Film and Television – in one of the most important commercial events dedicated to animation. of Europe.

Under the motto 'Focus on Spain', an extensive program of screenings and conferences dedicated to artists and the industry will be developed, showing the double aspect of Spanish animation, as a generator of culture and industry.

MIFA Cinema and TV Marketplace.- For the second consecutive year, Animation from Spain will have a stand at MIFA. Organized by ICEX, Spain Export and Investment, in collaboration with the Federation of Spanish Animation Producers – DIBOOS. The total participation of Spanish professionals in the event, according to the organization, this year exceeds the figure of 200 people and 50 accredited companies. It is the largest Spanish participation ever recorded in this event.
On Wednesday, June 17, inside the section of the market, known as Territory Focus, there will be a 90-minute presentation dedicated to the industry and Spanish production companies whose objective is show what Spain has to offer internationally, in terms of talent, experience and financing.

The session will be divided into two blocks, the first of which will be dedicated to present 14 feature film and series projects for television, which will have the participation of their producers and whose objective is to show the competitive capacity of Spanish content. In the second part, a panel with experts Spaniards of recognized international prestige, led by Carlos Biern, president of Diboos (Spanish Federation of Animation Production Companies Associations, made up of the main associations in the sector: AEPA and ANIMATS) and CEO of BRB. They will participate in it Manuel Cristobal, v.icepresident of Diboos, General Secretary of Cartoon and CEO of Dragoia Media, and Jorge Bazaco, director of operations of Solid Angle, which will represent Spanish technology and VFX companies.

This panel will offer a general overview of the Spanish animation sector under the premise of being This genre is the largest export product of the Spanish audiovisual sector.

In addition, details about the new tax incentives for Spanish productions, as well as the recently approved incentives for filming foreign productions in Spain, with the specifics for animation. Topics of vital importance for the growth and strengthening of the sector will also be discussed, such as compliance with the production and broadcast percentage quotas established by the Law by television stations, as well as the importance of investment in R&D&I, fundamental for Spanish animation, since companies in the sector reinvest an average of 11% of their turnover in continuing to develop R&D&I.

The event will be presented and moderated by the international consulting firm specialized in animation, Justine Bannister.

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